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More Resources for Healthy Living

Beyond these recipes for healthy eating, the NHLBI offers other valuable resources and tools to help you embrace a heart healthy lifestyle.

DASH Eating Plan Resources
The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) eating plan is clinically proven to reduce blood pressure and have many other health benefits. New resources include printable tip sheets, a weekly menu, and easy-to-follow guidelines to help you start and stay on DASH at any calorie level.

BMI Calculator
BMI (body mass index) is a useful measure of overweight and obesity. The higher your BMI, the higher your risk of obesity-related disease. This calculator is an easy-to-use online tool to help you assess your weight and health risk.

Body Weight Planner
Before making healthy lifestyle changes, it’s important to understand your needs. This online tool allows you to make personalized calorie and physical activity plans to maintain or reach your goal weight.

Health Topics
Health Topics articles provide science-based, plain-language information related to heart, lung, and blood diseases and conditions and sleep disorders. On this site you will find articles on diseases, conditions, tests, procedures, and other relevant topics, which you can email, print, and share.

Aim for a Healthy Weight
Aim for a Healthy Weight provides science-based weight control information for patients, the public, and health professionals. Resources include healthy eating plans, recipes and sample menus, a BMI calculator, and physical activity tips.

Your Guide to Lowering Cholesterol With TLC
TLC (therapeutic lifestyle changes) is a set of tools you can use to lower your blood cholesterol. This booklet explains how to follow the TLC diet (low in saturated fat, trans fat, and dietary cholesterol), increase physical activity, and manage weight for people whose cholesterol level is above their goal.