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Make-Your-Own Turkey Burger

Healthier Classics

Let family members help prepare the meal by choosing their own burger ingredients

Recipe Source: Deliciously Healthy Family Meals
Prep time Cook time Yields Serving Size
10 minutes 30 minutes 4 servings 1 burger with ΒΌ C mixed ingredients on a bun


12 oz  99 percent lean ground turkey
2 Tbsp fresh parsley, rinsed, dried, and chopped (or 2 tsp dried)
4 whole-wheat hamburger buns
Nonstick cooking spray

Burger ingredients:

1 C  fresh tomatoes, rinsed and diced (or canned no-salt-added diced tomatoes)
1 C  red onions, diced
1 C  white mushrooms, rinsed and sliced
1 C  part-skim shredded mozzarella cheese

calories 308
Total fat 8 g
Saturated fat 3 g
Cholesterol 52 mg
Sodium 230 mg
Total fiber 4 g
Protein 33 g
Carbohydrates 30 g
Potassium 432 mg
Vitamin A 15%
Vitamin C 20%
Calcium 4%
Iron 15%
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


  • 1
    Preheat oven to 350 °F.

  • 2
    Arrange burger ingredients (tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese) in separate bowls.

  • 3
    Ask each person to select ¼ cup total of his or her choice of ingredients.  (You may have leftover ingredients after this step—keep or freeze for use in other recipes!)

  • 4
    Divide ground turkey into four parts on a plate.

  • 5
    Ask each person to combine his or her ¼ cup of burger ingredients with one portion of ground turkey and mix well to form a patty ½-inch to ¾-inch thick.

  • 6
    Brown burgers on a nonstick pan coated with cooking spray for 2–3 minutes on each side.  Then, transfer burgers to a baking sheet coated with cooking spray and place in the preheated oven for about 10 minutes (to a minimum internal temperature of 165 °F).

  • 7
    Assemble burgers on buns, and serve.

Note: Nutritional information may vary depending on selection of ingredients.

Chefs in Training Each “chef” can help set out the ingredients and make his or her own burger.

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