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Baked Salmon Dijon

This salmon entree is easy to make and will be enjoyed by the whole family

Recipe Source: Deliciously Healthy Dinners


1 C fat-free sour cream

2 tsp dried dill

3 Tbsp scallions (green onions), rinsed and finely chopped

2 Tbsp Dijon mustard

2 Tbsp lemon juice

1½ lb salmon fillet, cut into 6 portions (4 oz each)

½ tsp garlic powder

½ tsp ground black pepper

Cooking spray

calories 196
Total fat 7 g
Saturated fat 2 g
Cholesterol 76 mg
Sodium 229 mg
Total fiber 0 less than 1 g
Protein 27 g
Carbohydrates 5 g
Potassium 703 mg


  • 1
    Preheat oven to 400 °F.

  • 2
    Whisk sour cream, dill, scallions, mustard, and lemon juice in a small bowl to blend.

  • 3
    Lightly coat baking sheet with cooking spray.

  • 4
    Place salmon, skin side down, on the prepared baking sheet.  Sprinkle with garlic powder and pepper, then spread with sauce.

  • 5
    Bake salmon fillets until each is opaque in the center and flakes easily with a fork in the thickest part, about 20 minutes (to a minimum internal temperature of 145 °F).

  • 6
    Serve immediately.

Tip: Pairs nicely with steamed broccoli and Parmesan Rice and Pasta Pilaf.

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